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Technical Courses

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33 KV Substation Circuit Breaker Maintenance33 KV /11 KV Substation OperationTransformer & Generator : Protection, Testing & MaintenanceSubstation Predictive Maintenance: Continuous vs Periodic monitoringSubstation Operation and Maintenance TechniquesSafety Electrical GroundingProtective RelaysPrinciples of the Maintenance of Electrical SwitchgearPreventive & Predictive Maintenance for Overhead LinesPractical Specification & Technical WritingPractical Motor Protection, Testing, Control & MaintenancePractical Electrical Substation Safety for Engineers & TechniciansPower System ProtectionPower System Generation & DistributionPower System AnalysisPower Cables Characteristics & ApplicationsNational Electrical Codes (NEC 2008)MV, HV and EHV Switchgear Testing and CommissioningModern Electric Power SystemsMaintenance & Troubleshooting of UPS Systems and Battery Power SuppliesMaintaining & Troubleshooting Electrical EquipmentM.V. SwitchgearHV Cable Jointing & Termination for Engineers & TechniciansHigh Voltage Operational Safety for Engineers & Technicians (OSHA, NFPA & EN Standards)Generation, Transformation, Transmission, Distribution, Substation & Utilization: Design, Modeling, Analysis, Planning, Monitoring, Control, Maintenance & TroubleshootingFault Analysis in Electrical NetworkEnergy Saving and Power Factor ImprovementEnergy ConservationElectrical Transformers: Operation, Testing and MaintenanceElectrical Safety and Hazardous Area Classification in The Petrochemical IndustryElectrical SafetyElectrical Protection and CoordinationElectrical Power Systems Quality & TroubleshootingElectrical Power System PlanningElectrical Power Equipment :Maintenance and TestingElectrical InstallationsElectrical Inspection & TestingElectrical Equipment – Installation & TestingElectrical Equipment – InspectionElectrical Drawings and SchematicsELEC. ENG for NON- ELEC. ENG.Economy Dispatch of Power PlantsDistribution System Planning in Electrical NetworkCorrosion and Cathodic ProtectionConducting Safety MeetingArc Flash Protection for Electrical Safety ProfessionalsAdvanced Power Transmission