Information and Communications Technology ICT

Information and Communications Technology ICT

IGB’s experienced project managers, analysts and consultants provide a professional, responsive and flexible service to clients in the private and public sector. In general IGB provides the following:

  • Consultancy in all aspects of Information & Communications Technology
  • Business strategic reviews (ICT and eBusiness needs).
  • Formulation of technical development strategies
  • Requirements analysis and documentation
  • ICT/software project management
  • Troubleshooting/project recovery (with failed, or failing, ICT projects)
  • Assessment of technical solutions to meet business needs
  • Procurement management of ICT equipment and services
  • Management of competitive tender exercises, including:
    • Preparation of Invitation to Tender
    • Compilation of shortlist of tenderers
    • Technical/commercial assessment of tenders
    • Drawing up final contract document
  • Quality/supplier audits against ISO standards
  • Training services

Where our clients’ needs cannot be met by off-the-shelf software, IGB offers a comprehensive software development service.

IGB possess through its own projects background and its key personnel’s extensive consulting experiences a broad knowledge of the ICT technologies which wireless and fixed ICT infrastructures are built upon.

Through regular participation in international ICT events and active interaction with other professionals in the industry, IGB ensures its clients its competence and up-to-date knowledge base in the different ICT technologies.

IGB areas of competence extend to cover a wide range of fixed and mobile communication networks’ technologies such as SDH, ATM, IP, W/CDMA, GSM, UMTS, TETRA, TETRAPOL, WiMax and many others. IGB’s consultants have good experience in the areas of satellite communication systems’ design and validation as well as deep space communication concepts and applications.

Mission Space – Space, Science Theme with Space Shuttle and Huge Moon.

Additionally, IGB’s experts have far extensive experience in data networks, data centers and database systems design and management.