IGB’s Facilities and TECHNICAL Resources

IGB has a fully furnished office with all necessary modern facilities required nowadays. This includes a professional stable IT system and communications facilities.

IGB’s emphasis on the wellbeing of its staff is clearly demonstrated by the excellent ergonomic condition of its offices.

IGB owns a set of professional tools and measurement instruments required for site surveys and other engineering works.

IGB adopts and promotes the International Code Council (ICC) and is actively involved in educating the various entities about the ICC and its benefits for the building industry.

The Published Codes of the ICC

The Published Codes of the ICC

IGB also utilises a number of professional software for tackling certain engineering problems in addition to the standard set of professional software necessary to produce professional documentation and engineering drawings.

The following are the software tools used at IGB and its partners:
1. Microsoft® Office Package: used for preparation of professional high quality documentation works, illustration graphics, charts and presentations. Additionally, IGB utilises the Microsoft® Access for creating databases for internal office work optimisation and as a knowledge centre solution. Externally, Microsoft® Access is utilised for creating databases for various project works where they can bring an added value to the project and the client.

2. OrgCon: Strategic organisational diagnosis and design considers the existing organisation and its present situation with the aim of diagnosing and assessing what could be done to develop a more efficient and effective organisation.

OrgCon is a tool for strategic decision-making. The OrgCon analysis helps to understand the organisational situation.

From the analysis, better-founded strategies and organisational development can be designed to positively affect business results. OrgCon presents a holistic picture showing all the elements of a company and identifying the balances or ‘fits’ between elements. ‘Misfits’ occur if the interactions between various elements of a company are not well balanced.

A misfit between the organisation and its environment will occur if, for example, the market is developing at a faster speed or differently than the organisation.

3. CAD: IGB utilises two software tools for CAD assignment:
a. AutoCAD® Package: used for preparation of engineering drawings, starting conceptual design through drafting and detailing.
b. Microsoft® Visio: used for preparation of conceptual and detailed design drawings for all ICT projects.

4. Radio Planning: IGB utilises ICS Telecom which is globally recognized as the most comprehensive radio planning solution. IGB uses ICS telecom in a variety of ways, at all stages of a network’s lifecycle, from preliminary design and sizing, to network optimization and densification.

Sample Screen Shot from ICS Telecom

Sample Screen Shot from ICS Telecom

The program is ideal to supervise the networks already in service as well as planning those that are going to be deployed in the future. Its algorithms cover all the bands and radio communication services, including new digital systems such as DAB, DVB, TETRA, DECT, Point-Multipoint, ERMES, GSM, DCS, UMTS, etc.

IGB also owns a number of spectrum analyzers used for various measurement and verification mission.

Portable Spectrum Analyzer used by IGB's Experts

Portable Spectrum Analyzer used by IGB’s Experts

5. EASE® v4.1 Package: used for acoustic modelling and analysis of sound systems. It is an acoustic simulation software program designed for the Windows operating system that provides sound system designers with an invaluable tool for predicting the performance of a sound system in a given venue. It includes numerous acoustical design and analysis tools and with the new Vision module, it offers greatly improved visual rendering capabilities with the ability to add light sources and import surfaces, making it very desirable for the Architectural world.

6. OrthoGraph Survey: The unique OrthoGraph software line enables the on-site drawing of the floor-plan of any real estate (including land plots, buildings, rooms or any other types of real estate) in an easy, fast and accurate way. The OrthoGraph’s PDA (or Windows Mobile touchscreen smartphone) based system performs both graphic and alpha-numerical data gathering. This tool is a database building tool that is designed for all types of survey and it includes a sketching platform to produce accurate onsite plans with interfaces to modern laser meters making it a very powerful companion to any surveyor. Below you see one of our Trimble rugged handheld PC units showing some fields of the Data Collection Form for a 33 kV substations from a project IGB delivered in Al Ain city in 2010. The data can be then uploaded to the main PC and then exported into excel sheets. Indeed that is one option for the handheld application since those units has Windows Mobile as their OS and can run special version Microsoft applications the data can be directly entered to excel or any other database builder for handhelds that is compatible with MS Access or other similar DB SW readily available in the market.


IGB pays attention to maintaining its set of facilities through updates, upgrades, periodical maintenance and calibration. IGB analyse any assignment’s scope and predetermine the required tools, be it software or hardware, and makes them available for the project team handling this assignment. With our membership with the IET, IGB is empowered with access to a network of knowledge and expertise and has unlimited access to fellow professionals.

In addition to IGB’s own rich technical library, the company has remote access to Knovel; an interactive full-text database of over 500 scientific and engineering handbooks and references from well known publishers. Some of the subject areas that titles in the Knovel service are grouped into are: Aerospace & Radar Technology, Electrical & Power Engineering, Environmental Engineering, General Engineering References, Safety, Health & Hygiene and Semiconductors & Electronics. IGB is either affiliated or adopts the codes and standards of the following professional organisations.

Professional Memberships of IGB and its Consultants