Abu Dhabi, UAE, 25.03.2018:

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 25.03.2018:

Facility Management Main Elements

IGB’s consultants have completed a facility condition assessment in Abu Dhabi City. The assessment was focused on the A/C system to identify shortcomings in the design, and to evaluate the required corrective maintenance works and recommend a preventive maintenance program to enhance the overall A/C performance, improve the indoor air quality, and propose solutions to eliminate the mold persistent problem.

A number of measurements were made, using our professional test equipment, to assess a number of critical parameters of the indoor air quality and the A/C performance.

The owner was provided with a detail report of the findings and recommendations, which we believe will have a positive impact on the indoor environment and the occupants’ health.

These services were provided as complimentary FOC services, in support of promoting awareness of the importance of facility condition assessment in UAE.

At IGB, we can help you find cost-efficient solutions for all of your facility related problems, help you with your indoor air quality concerns, and conduct comprehensive building condition assessment surveys, providing you with a detailed report, that covers all the maintenance requirements (corrective and preventive) of the various building components.

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