Abu Dhabi, UAE, 18.03.2015:

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 18.03.2015:

Today, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between SBR-net Consulting AG (SBR), Düsseldorf, Germany, and International Gulf Engineering Consultancy Bureau (IGB), Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Agreement cements the two firms’ long standing cooperation in international projects, especially regulatory projects with technical, economic and legal issues, and pave the way for further joint ventures in the Middle East region.

SBR-net Consulting AG (SBR) commenced its operations in 2002 as an entity of Piepenbrock Schuster Attorneys-at-Law. In 2004 it was established as a separate legal entity under the name Piepenbrock Schuster Consulting AG. Thus, SBR has a total number of 10 years in the consulting services business as separate legal entity. SBR was rebranded and renamed in 2006 in Juconomy Consulting AG, in 2008 in SBR Juconomy Consulting AG, and finally in 2014 in SBR-net Consulting AG, with offices in both Germany and Austria.

SBR offers sound business, technical, regulatory and legal advice on regulated markets in network industry sectors (Telecommunications | Postal Services | Electricity | Gas | Railways | IT), with a clear focus on Telecommunications: Mobile Communications | Fixed Networks | Internet | Broadcast | Media | ICT | Broadband. For more details about SBR, please visit their page at: www.SBR-net.com

IGB’s management believes that this a positive step forward and is in line with their strategy of forming long-term alliances with international partners.