Abu Dhabi, UAE, 06.11.2015:

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 06.11.2015:

We are excited to announce a new partnership, that we believe will have an amazing impact on many aspects related to our esteemed clients’ operations.

Today, IGB, and Clipatize, a Poland based company active in the creative business of explanatory videos’ production and 3D animation, have signed a cooperation agreement to bring that kind of creativity and beauty to the rigid world of technical training and consulting.

Clipatize and IGB teams are able to visualize the future now, and develop ideas and solutions, that will equip individuals and organizations with the tools they really need, to face the challenges of our high-tech present and future.

Together, we will bring our clients to new levels of performance, in terms of their corporate knowledge preservation, interactive training material and augmented reality solutions.

We can see the future, can you?