Abu Dhabi, UAE, 05.08.2015:

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 05.08.2015:

Today, IGB became an official signatory of the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.

The charter was conceived by the International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO).

The IBSO is a worldwide independent non-profit organization that creates, promotes, and maintains evaluative and ethical standards for international market players and for the global business community at large.

An initiative of IBSO, the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a global initiative that stands by businesses adopting sustainability and fair trade policies. The Worldwide Charter supports international businesses showcasing a particular social and environmental sensibility through following a code of conduct and a set of universal principles; reflecting the core values of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, labor conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other internationally recognized principles.

The IBSO is affiliated with the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, the “United Nations Global Compact”.

We at IGB share the same principles advocated by this IBSO initiative and becoming a signatory was a logical step for us.


For more information on this initiative and the IBSO please feel free to visit their website on:  www.standardizations.org.