IGB’s Background

IGB’s Background

IGB was founded in November 2005 as a multinational company under the United Arab Emirates law with the commercial name of ‘International Gulf Engineering Consultancy Bureau (IGB)’.

As of the beginning of January 2006 IGB was licensed to carry out engineering and consultancy assignments under the trade license number 1080174.

IGB activities cover the following fields: ICT, Management Consultancy (Organisation Design and Development), Professional and Technical Training, Physical Security Systems, Defence Technologies, Acoustics, Lighting Systems, Air Traffic Control Systems and Facility Management.

IGB has a core team of senior technical consultants and trainers, some with experiences’  records exceeding 20 years in various industries. IGB also has access to a pool of highly qualified international experts in the various fields of engineering.

IGB is a certified ISO  9001:2008 firm and its main office in Abu Dhabi is fully furnished with all modern days ICT facilities and a wide range of test equipment and software tools to carry out complicated engineering design and analysis works and provide first class training services.