Performance Development

Performance Development

Performance Development prepares people to do work. It is a proactive approach to learning through which members acquire and practice necessary career skills.

Its premise is to build confidence and enthusiasm in work as a natural result of being and feeling competent to do what is asked.

Each performance development module is designed to be consistent with and supportive of the direction which has been chosen by the organisation.

In general, module content links individual and team competencies directly to organisational desired outcomes.

Each module may be individually tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Performance Development modules can be designed for individuals, teams, and leaders at any organisation level on topics including:

  • Learning Self–Management
  • Developing A Personal Success Style
  • Increasing Communication Effectiveness
  • Understanding Motivation and Individual Behaviour
  • Learning to Lead Others
  • Understanding Teamwork and Group Behaviour
  • Re–designing Work and the Team Concept
  • Creating High Performance Work Teams
  • Leading High Performance Work Teams