Abu Dhabi, UAE, 25.03.2018:

IGB’s consultants have completed a facility condition assessment in Abu Dhabi City. The assessment was focused on the A/C system to identify shortcomings in the design, and to evaluate the required corrective maintenance works and recommend a preventive maintenance program to enhance the overall A/C performance, improve the indoor air quality, and propose solutions to eliminate the mold persistent problem. A number of measurements were made, using our professional test equipment, to assess a ... read more

Dubai, UAE, 07.11.2016:

Today IGB’s Managing Director Mr. Ahmad Alwajih participated in the panel discussion about the move towards hybrid networks, which discussed the implementation strategies for hybrid networks, looking at the implications of different business models and operator approaches. The session was part of the Critical Communication MENA event ( In the discussions, Mr. Alwajih explained that the hybrid network concept is not a new one within the ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 07.10.2016:

IGB's consultants and system engineers successfully conducted an upgrade on a mission critical integrated communication system for one of the major airports in the region. The works were delivered with minimum downtime, and involved various subsystems including the local TETRA radio network interface. For more details about IGB airports services and other mission critical environments, please feel free to contact us using any of our various communication channels available on our website. ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 20.02.2016:

IGB Consultants successfully participated in a challenging telecommunications regulatory assignment, dealing with ICT’s OSP & ISP installations regulation and technical standardization, as well as, Interconnection and Access Rights Guidelines. The client was the national telecom regulatory authority in one of the Middle East’s fastest growing countries. The work included fact finding activities, meetings with concerned stakeholders, local market studies, international benchmark study ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 06.11.2015:

We are excited to announce a new partnership, that we believe will have an amazing impact on many aspects related to our esteemed clients’ operations. Today, IGB, and Clipatize, a Poland based company active in the creative business of explanatory videos’ production and 3D animation, have signed a cooperation agreement to bring that kind of creativity and beauty to the rigid world of technical training and consulting. Clipatize and IGB teams are able to visualize the future now, and ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 01.11.2015:

Today we celebrate IGB’s 10th anniversary. A seed of integrity, hard work and passion, was placed in the world back then, and what a wonderful tree it is now. It was hard but sweet, painful but satisfying, all in all, it was an amazing decade, during which, we had the chance to leave our humble mark upon life, and received its blessings. We thank all the people who supported us, you’ve made us flourish, and we thank all who tried to devastate us, you’ve made us stronger. ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 05.08.2015:

Today, IGB became an official signatory of the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce. The charter was conceived by the International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO). The IBSO is a worldwide independent non-profit organization that creates, promotes, and maintains evaluative and ethical standards for international market players and for the global business community at large. An initiative of IBSO, the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a global ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 02.08.2015:

IGB’s acoustic and noise control consultants have completed an assignment related to noise abatement at a private home in Abu Dhabi City. The source of the noise was an external one, that was not possible to apply changes to at this stage (we believe the best noise treatments are those applied directly at the source). Thus our work was limited to the premises of our client. IGB consultants made onsite measurements, identified the areas to be treated, selected the proper materials and applied the ... read more

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 14.06.2015:

IGB’s IT consultants conducted a thorough network health check for a private company in Abu Dhabi. The work utilized state of the art test equipment from Fluke Networks (world leader in manufacturing integrated Datacom testing solutions). The work covered the full IT infrastructure with main focus on connectivity and switching as well as addressing the frequent network slowdown (main concern of the customer). As a result, a number of remedial changes were made to boost the network uptime and ... read more

Bruxelles, Belgium, 25.03.2015:

Today, IGB was formally approved as a member of the International Trade Council (ITC). The ITC is a professional international organisation that serves the business communities worldwide, by providing leadership on key issues that impact economic growth. The Council facilitates networking, arranges business introductions, and provides training opportunities aimed at driving sustainable business growth and prosperity. There is strength in numbers and as one of the world’s largest international ... read more