Word from IGB’s Management

Word from IGB’s Management

We have observed the regional markets evolve over the past two decades and witnessed an amazing transformation in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a very short span of time.

The challenges accompanying the transformation are getting more difficult and diverse. This has enriched the competition between the different players in the market and the consulting industry was no exception.

Also with this development the clients’ understanding of the consultant’s role in their business has matured and this has helped both the clients and consultants achieve the best results in any given project or challenge.

At IGB we believe that once you are static in your knowledge and resources as a consulting firm then you are slowly moving out of the competition arena.

We also believe that you have to be delivering your consulting services at the highest levels of performance regardless of the size of your company or the volume of its business. This is why IGB is always at the forefront of acquiring the latest technical resources and keeping its team up to date with all new developments, taking place in our fields of activities.

We strongly advocate knowledge transfer to our clients that empowers them for the challenges ahead. Training has been and still one of the main elements of our services delivery approach.

We understand the local and regional markets very well and we know the clients’ expectations and their past frustrations in some cases. We are very attentive to our clients’ needs and we take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously.

We aim to grow in both organization size and market presence and we aim to be one of the top ranking consulting and training firms in the Middle East region.

IGB Management